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GrowLab 290 - 9'6"x9'6"x6'7" Portable Grow Tent

Brand: GrowLab Horticultural

Item#: 706855
UPC/ISBN: 4260220920816

Reg Price: $975.99
Price: $799.95

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GL290 Dimensions: 9'6" x 9'6" x 6'7"

The Grow Lab GL290 is perfect for a veg room or large flowering room. Perfect for holding two 4' x 8' trays, this room works great with four 750 or 1000 watt lighting systems.

Everest Garden Supply (the company that introduced the first reflective tent to North America) and HomeBox (the company that invented the first portable grow room) are proud to announce the next generation in portable grow rooms - The Grow Lab Portable Grow Room.

Here are just some of the unique and exciting features you won't find elsewhere:

  • Increased weight capacity - roof cross-members easily support 100 pounds
  • Sturdy powder coated framework - helps protect against rust and gives a cleaner look; thicker than previous models
  • Highly reflective interior - significant increase in reflectivity for improved lighting performance
  • Thermally protected - tent material reflects 97% of all radiant heat for superior insulation
  • Completely non-toxic - will not react under light and heat, and no off-gassing to harm plants
  • Improved fabric and zippers - thicker fabric than previous models, with the best zippers on the market
  • Moveable roof cross-members - easily adjust lighting and accessories; pieces snap into desired place for better functionality
  • Multiple intake/exhaust ports - including two ports opposite each other at reflector level for air-cooling of lighting system on most models
  • Adjustable fan and ducting attachments - no more clamps or reducers needed!
  • Waterproof floor - a second floor that is removable for easy cleaning between crops

The GrowLab has all the features you could ask for - and more! Outfit the GrowLab with the ventilation fan, lighting system and growing system of your choice and you will have the brightest, slickest, most affordable grow room available.

The GrowLab utilizes thermal film on the interior which is highly reflective, waterproof, and extremely insulative (offering 97% thermal protection). This film is also non-toxic and won't release any harmful gasses that can damage sensitive plants. All of the zippers used in the tent are extremely durable.

The GrowLab utilizes intake/exhaust ports that allows them to adjust to fit various sizes of ducting. Drawstrings eliminate the need for duct hose clamps and make installation of ducting and fans quick and easy. The GrowLab also utilizes the same type of socks to allow cords and tubing to enter or exit the structure while keeping light from doing the same. All GrowLab models have a sock port in the back corner of the roof where the exhaust fan can be attached. Instead of strapping the fan to the interior of the tent you can simply sit the fan in the port on the roof for an easy and effective mounting solution. Not only does this make for a secure, light-tight fit (there is no chance of the fan breaking away from the straps due to vibration and falling on the plants), it also takes one more piece of heat-generating equipment out of the grow room (although the fan can still be strapped to the interior if desired). Passive intake ports are located near the floor of the tent and have a velcro cover that can be opened and closed easily depending on how the ventilation is setup.

The GrowLab frame is constructed of 0.80mm thick metal poles, making it very rugged for everyday use. The poles are also powder coated to prevent rust, aid in installation and enhance their appearance. The poles that make up the ceiling framework are moveable, making it much easier to adjust the positioning of lights, filters or anything else you may end up hanging from them. The ceiling poles have been improved to handle significantly more weight, especially at the center (where most other tents have a tendency to sag). Their new design also allows them to snap in place, so while they are still moveable, they will stay where you want them instead of sliding around.

The new corner fittings are made from a polymer that bends under extreme pressure instead of just snapping prematurely. These fittings are much stronger than competing fittings (plastic or metal) and won't rust like metal fittings. Their design also makes installation much easier than other tents, since the frame poles slide easily into the fittings with little or no resistance. No metal tabs that rust in place or break off.

All GrowLab models ship with complete, full color, illustrated instructions.


Interior: highly reflective thermal film
Exterior: waterproof black canvas

Recommended lighting:
4x 750 or 1000 watt HPS or MH system

Assembled: 9'6" wide x 9'6" deep x 6'7" tall / 114.2 " x 114..2 " x 78.75 " tall / 290 x 290 x 200cm
Packed: 4.8' wide x 1.5' deep x 0.7' tall / 57.9" x 18.5 " x 8.5 " tall / 147 x 47 x 21.5cm

Intake/Exhaust: (3) - 10" / 203mm (all ports adjust to fit smaller-diameter ducting and equipment as well)
Reflector Cooling: (2) - 8" / 203mm (all ports adjust to fit smaller-diameter ducting and equipment as well)
Cord access: (4) - 4" / 101mm

Intake windows: 4
Doors/Access Windows: 4 (front plus 3 side windows)
Waterproof floor panels: 3

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  Wednesday, December 11 2013 at 10:17 AM MST IP Logged
Author: CO Diesel

This is a very sturdy tent. Can't wait to get it rockin on Jan 1:) Got the next day from the RVF Denver shipping center!

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